Twiggy Modelling - Terry Fincher

Terry Fincher

2nd November 1966: British fashion model Twiggy (Lesley Hornby) wearing 1920’s style fashions. (Photo by Terry Fincher/Express/Getty Images)

Print types available 
  • Resin: Resin coated silver gelatin prints are exposed by hand and machine processed. Resin prints can be produced quicker and at lower cost than fibre prints while maintainging a wide range of tonality. Their plastic emulsion surface coating is durable and curl resistant. Resin prints are the preferred choice for large scale or public facing projects.


  • Fibre (Only availble in limited editions of 300): The traditional process for fine art photography, silver gelatin fibre prints are exhibition quality archival prints hand printed and processed in Getty Images' in-house darkroom from original negatives. Also known as baryta, fibre prints offer full tonal range, exquisite depth and superb contrast. All fibre prints are sold in limited editions of 300. 

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Type: Art

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